The Perfect Co-Operative society

The Perfect Co-Operative society registered on 28 Sep 2012, under the registrar of the Delhi Co-operative Society. The Founder of Perfect Co-Operative Society is Mr. Anil Kumar and Mr. Manoj Kumar. Both are the Post Graduate from Dehli University in M. Com and M.A Mr. Manoj Kumar is the President and Mr. Anil Kumar is a Treasurer of the Society. Both of us have a very clear vision regarding archive the Motif of society.
The Perfect Cooperative Urban T/C Society Ltd was formed in the year 2012 with 55 Membership, all Members residing in Delhi. Society is registered by Delhi Govt. Under the Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 2003. The main objective of the Society is first to inculcate the habit of making small savings and secondly to make its members reasonably comfortable by coming forward to meet out their genuine financial needs.

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What do you mean by cooperative societies

A co-operative society is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

A Cooperative Society has been formed behind the following broad objectives: To render services to its members instead of making profits. It encourages a state of mutual help in the place of competition. It assumes a state of self-help in the place of dependence.

A Credit Cooperative Society accepts deposit from their members and provides Loans to members at reasonable interest rates.

Other Financial Institutions, like Bank, NBFC, Private Financers and Cooperative Banks, are companies usually listed on the stockmarket, and hence are owned by, and run to the benefit of its shareholders with the main objective to earn Profits. Credit Co-operative societies on the other hand have no external shareholders. Depositor’s, Mortgage borrowers, savers and current account holders are 'members' who vote on decisions that affect the society to archive the it motive.

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