When you invest in Fixed Deposit, you can earn interest rate on the amount deposited, which compounds over time and enables you to grow your savings.


Recurring Deposits (RD) provides you with the flexibility to invest an amount of their choice each month and save money with ease.


Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) is an investment scheme that promises with all to returns at an interest rate of 1% per annum

Perfect's Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is a great way to grow your savings with The Perfect Cooperative Urban T/C Societ. It is one of the most preferred avenues that enable you to deposit any amount with your convenience.

Start FD with 3 easy steps.

  1. Fill FD details (Select amount, tenure, and interest payout type)
  2. Set up an investment account (Setup your Investment Account with MONEY by entering a few details)
  3. Payment (Make payment and your FD is done). With us, you earn interest on FD higher than regular banks. This helps you accumulate a big amount with ease
Type Tenure Rate of Interest
Fixed Deposit For 12 Months 11.00% Per Annum
Fixed Deposit For 24 Months 11.50% Per Annum
Fixed Deposit For 36 Months 12.00% Per Annum
Fixed Deposit For 48 Months 12.50% Per Annum
Fixed Deposit For 60 Months 13.00% Per Annum
Fixed Deposit Above 60 Months 13.50% Per Annum

Perfect's Recurring Deposit

Does your deposit allow you to save ANY AMOUNT at any time? If your answer is no, switch to our RD option now!
You can opt to open your Recurring Deposit account within a fraction of minutes. The best part of RD is the flexible deposit options. Deposit any amount anytime. No bar, No cap. Its the most suitable option for daily depositors, shop keepers, or daily wages.
Our RD allows you to earn fixed interests on the amount invested at frequent intervals until the investment matures or a pre-determined term ends.

Type Tenure Rate of Interest
Monthly Recurring Deposit For 12 Months 09.00% Per Annum
Monthly Recurring Deposit For 24 Months 10.00% Per Annum
Monthly Recurring Deposit For 36 & Above Months 11.00% Per Annum

Monthly Income Scheme

Monthly Income Scheme is a scheme in which you invest a certain amount and earn a fixed interest every month. Opening a Monthly Income Scheme Account (MIS) with us is easy and hassle-free. Its just line a dialing number from your smartphone. With the easy locking period, you can deposit or withdraw the invested amount when the scheme matures or reinvest it,.

MIS on own terms, We The Perfect Cooperative Urban T/C Society made this possible for everyone.

Type Tenure Rate of Interest
Monthly Income Scheme For 3 & Above Years 1.00% Per Month

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